Disneyland Paris Created Beautiful Upcycled Merchandise From Sleeping Beauty Castle

When Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland Paris underwent renovations in 2021, it was covered by a very large tarp. So, what do you do with a huge amount of tarp when you don’t need it anymore?

Luckily for us, our cast members dreamed up an exciting way to give the tarp a second life through upcycling, which is the recycling of materials that retains the majority of the materials’ integrity and energy value, while creating a new item that will be employed in a long, useful life or purpose. Upcycling is beneficial for the planet because it allows us to reuse materials we already have, to create something new!

That tarp has now been turned into an exclusive collection of 2,300 Disneyland Parks merchandise pieces consisting of tote bags, duffel bags, briefcases and pouches!

To create these beautiful and unique pieces, Disneyland Paris partnered with BILUM, a French-based business that specializes in repurposing salvaged materials. BILUM in turn collaborated with ESAT (Establishments and Services of Assistance through Work – hosting people with disabilities) to develop this collection.

Etienne Moisy is a Communications Coordinator for the Merchandise & Retail team who helped work on the collection. “Working on this project has been a truly rewarding experience,” he shared. “It was a unique opportunity to work with many divisions internally but also to discover the local French company, Bilum, who helped us realize this one-of-a-kind collection dedicated to Sleeping Beauty Castle – the icon of our park.”

While these beautiful pieces allow guests to take home an authentic piece of the magic, this initiative is also part of the ongoing commitment Disneyland Paris – and The Walt Disney Company – have to reduce waste, protect resources and support the local economy, called Disney Planet Possible.

Wondering where to find this collection? They are sold exclusively through The Storybook Store on Town Square, Main Street, U.S.A., at Disneyland Paris, available while supplies last.