How the Disney Conservation Fund Helps Non-Profit Proyecto Tití Save Cotton-Top Tamarins

Spearheaded by Executive Director Rosamira Guillen, Proyecto Tití is a non-profit organization based in Colombia that is dedicated to the long-term future of an extremely small and increasingly rare monkey, the cotton-top tamarin.

“They’re only found in a very restricted area in northern Colombia and they’re critically endangered as a result of extensive deforestation and fragmentation of their habitat, and because they get captured for the illegal pet trade,” Guillen explains.

Proyecto Tití strives to reduce those threats by planting more forests, reconnecting fragmented habitats, monitoring and studying the monkeys, as well as working with local communities to provide income alternatives to logging or hunting.

Educating younger generations is another vital pillar of the nonprofit’s work. Guillen says Proyecto Tití aims to teach children to “love, understand, and care for our wildlife and especially for cotton-top tamarins.”

Support from the Disney Conservation Fund has allowed many of these initiatives to expand their reach and impact over a number of years.

“Disney has been one of our most long-term partners, I think they have been contributing to our work for more than 25 years already,” Guillen says.

Nearly 10 years ago, the Disney Conservation Fund launched the Saving Wildlife program which, in part, secured another decade of support for Proyecto Tití.

“We were very fortunate to be one of the 10 species that were selected to receive support for 10 years. Support that allowed us, back then, to double our work because we were able to establish ourselves in one of the most important areas that [still had] cotton-tops and forest,” says Guillen.

While the cotton-top tamarins may only be local to a very small part of the world, Guillen is committed to the belief that anyone can get involved in fighting to protect them. Support can take any number of shapes ranging from supporting Proyecto Tití’s online shop selling handmade items by local artisans to just choosing a more sustainable way of life on a daily basis.

Image credit: Lisa Hoffner

“Beyond protecting and helping cotton-top tamarins, you can also become just a responsible citizen with everything you do every day. Stop using plastic bags, stop using so many plastic bottles. Just be responsible with what you purchase and what you waste every day.”

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