Celebrating the Magic of Nature Together

The Disney Conservation team is committed to working to protect wildlife and build a diverse global community inspired to celebrate the magic of nature together. A core example of Disney Planet Possible — tangible actions the company is taking to inspire optimism for a brighter, more sustainable future — Disney Conservation supports nature conservation, restoration, and rewilding; helps to empower the next generation of conservation leaders; and advances environmental resilience. Since 1995, the Disney Conservation Fund has directed more than $125 million to community conservation programs along with the expertise of our dedicated teams to support organizations working with communities to protect wildlife, inspire action, and promote environmental resilience.

Protecting Wildlife

The Disney Conservation Fund is focused on helping to save wildlife for future generations through grants to leading conservation organizations working together to stabilize and increase the populations of at-risk animals including butterflies, coral reefs, cranes, elephants, gorillas, monkeys, and sea turtles. A Disney conservationist works with each organization to identify where Disney expertise can also play a role in reversing the decline of these animals and their habitats.


Disney is working with conservation organizations, zoos, and aquariums across California and Florida to restore butterfly habitats and reintroduce threatened species back to the wild. These efforts are helping to recover populations of Atala butterflies, Miami blue butterflies, monarch butterflies, and Schaus’ swallowtail butterflies, among several other species.

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Sea Turtles

Disney has been helping to monitor, study, and protect sea turtles on the beaches outside Disney’s Vero Beach Resort for nearly two decades, recording more than 20,000 sea turtle nests that have resulted in an estimated more than 1.5 million sea turtle hatchlings that have taken their first flipper strokes on these beaches. Our Disney Conservation cast members work alongside respected conservation organizations to help protect Florida sea turtles and work to inspire people to take action to support healthy oceans.

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Inspiring Action

Disney believes in the power within each of us to make a difference for wildlife and wild places. The Disney Conservation Fund provides grants to nonprofit organizations and communities working together on comprehensive conservation solutions and recognizes the inspiring heroes dedicated to ensuring a happier, healthier planet for all.

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Inspiring Action Conservation Grants

The Disney Conservation Fund supports programs focused on science-based and community-inclusive strategies to help protect wildlife and wild places. Organizations interested in applying for an Inspiring Action Conservation Grant should review eligibility criteria, application information, and associated submission timelines found below.


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Disney Conservation Heroes

The Disney Conservation Fund recognizes passionate individuals and teams who are working to protect wildlife and engage their communities in conservation solutions.

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Restoring Ecosystems

The Disney Conservation Fund helps our environment through focused grants that address threats to animals and nature and leverage innovation, collaboration, and storytelling to protect and restore natural resources and ecosystems.

Restoring Habitats

Disney is focused on global efforts aimed at restoring imperiled habitats in areas important to our business. From forests in Indonesia, to watersheds in California, and coastal ecosystems in Florida among other projects, our grants are focused on creating a healthier planet for people, plants, and wildlife to call home.

Animal Disaster Response

The Disney Conservation Fund is proud to support the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) to help carry forward its commitment to helping communities and animals when they need it the most.

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Teaming up for Wildlife

Disney is committed to deploying the expertise, talent, and dedication of its cast members and employees to implement scientific programs to protect and restore biodiversity and nature at Disney sites globally. The Disney Conservation team works to develop nature strategies, inspire conservation action, and collaborate globally to positively impact wildlife and habitats. Some examples of this work follow.

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Protecting the Wildlife that Call Disney Home

Many animals make their homes on Disney properties around the world. The Disney Conservation team works with organizations to study and support local wildlife populations. These efforts include everything from supporting pollinator habitats at Disney solar arrays, to participating in species population surveys in dedicated conservation areas and helping to protect housing for nesting purple martin birds that migrate every year between the U.S. and Brazil.

Restoring Coral Reefs

Disney Conservation scientists have been supporting local and international programs aimed at supporting the rescue, care, and restoration of threatened coral reefs. Our teams are currently working on long-term strategies to restore reefs in Florida and The Bahamas — growing and eventually replanting corals resilient to the effects of threats like disease and climate change.

Nature Highlights


Acres that Disney has helped protect globally since 1995


Invested in wildife and nature conservation since 1995


Species of wildlife that Disney has helped to protect since 1995

Over 25 years of Conservation Efforts


The Disney Conservation Fund awards grants to 25 global organizations in honor of Disney’s Animal Kingdom’s 25th anniversary.


The Disney Conservation Fund celebrates its 25th anniversary and $100 million milestone in giving!


During the release of The Lion King, Disney collaborates with the Lion Recovery Fund to inspire audiences to help double the population of lions by 2050.


Disneynature releases its first film, Earth, launching a commitment to contribute to conservation through the Disney Conservation Fund in honor of each person that watches the film in the first week of its release. Earth funds the planting of 3 million trees in Brazil through The Nature Conservancy, and the commitment is carried on to all future Disneynature films.


$10 million milestone in support for wildlife and wild places reached! To commemorate this milestone, Disney’s Bob Iger honors John Cleese, Dr. Iain Douglas Hamilton, Dr. Jane Goodall, Wangari Maathai and Isabella Rossellini for their commitment to conservation.


Our first Conservation Heroes are honored for their passion and dedication to supporting the success of conservation projects in their communities around the world.


Disney’s Animal Kingdom opens, where guests can join Disney in supporting conservation by adding a contribution to their purchase at shops.


Recognizing the urgency to protect rapidly vanishing wildlife and habitats, the Disney Conservation Fund is created and hits the ground running. Grants are awarded to 39 projects, providing support to respected conservation organizations already at the forefront of critical conservation efforts.

Disney Conservation Fund's Interactive Grant Map

Explore the interactive map to learn more about our recent conservation grants.

Conservation Funding Opportunities

Annual Conservation Grants

The Disney Conservation Fund is reimagining its future strategy to help change the course of our planet’s story and create a world where people, plants, and animals have a thriving place to call home.  


Limited grant opportunities will be available by invitation only. We thank you for your patience and will provide updates here as available. 

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Conservation Hero Awards

The Disney Conservation Fund recognizes passionate individuals and teams who are working to save animals and engage their communities in conservation solutions. Read about some past Disney Conservation Heroes here and check back for updates on this program.

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