The Walt Disney Company and Netflix Collaborate to Develop Zero-Emissions Power Through Clean Mobile Power Initiative

Entertainment and studio leaders The Walt Disney Company and Netflix launched the Clean Mobile Power Initiative with the participation and support of nonprofit RMI and its global climate tech accelerator, Third Derivative.

The Clean Mobile Power Initiative aims to identify and deliver cost-competitive, zero-emissions mobile power at scale for the entertainment industry, including developing alternatives to diesel generators, which currently account for ~700,000 tons of CO2 emissions per year globally from the entertainment sector. The initiative brings together representatives from leading production studios with equipment suppliers and cleantech manufacturers.

To reduce the carbon intensity of productions and meet 2030 targets, initiative collaborators aim to find, test, and scale new clean, reliable, and mobile power-generating technologies.

“This initiative presents an opportune moment for the entertainment industry to come together and support acceleration and availability of innovative clean mobile power technologies,” said Yalmaz Siddiqui, VP, Environmental Sustainability, The Walt Disney Company. “We look forward to helping drive reliable onsite energy for productions that minimize our impact.”

Jon Creyts, Chief Executive Officer of RMI, adds, “With less than a decade to decrease global pollution, now is the time to invest in clean mobile power. Innovation, investment, and catalytic collaborations, like this one between RMI and entertainment industry leaders, are all crucial to solving climate change and transforming the toughest industries.”

There are a variety of challenges inhibiting the current deployment of cleaner technologies, namely a lack of clean mobile power solutions at scale, in addition to higher upfront costs, limited education and training, and complex procurement practices across the industry.

To develop more solutions and make an industry-wide impact, the Clean Mobile Power Initiative is inviting innovative startups to apply to participate in Third Derivative’s clean mobile power accelerator program. Applications are now open, and five-10 startups will be selected in early fall.

For more information about the accelerator program please click here.